Crazy day, crazy patchwork

Oct 27th

AS I write this I am waiting for the roof of my home to be swept away by an almighty tornado and tomorrow I expect to wake up in Oz surrounded by the Lollipop Guild… well, if you believe the forecasts.

In reality it all seems very quiet. More so after hearing the sad news that Lou Reed has passed away. His music was something I discovered as a teen and it’s a firm favourite on the iPod still.

In between this news, and trying to adjust to the clocks changing, I made this cushion today. It’s inspired by a style of patchwork I’ve seen described as Scandinavian where the patches don’t have to be uniform or the same size. The choices of fabric include one with planes on, which I bought from a shop in Whitstable selling it by the yard; a map of Paris, and another with little French houses on. It’s backed with a red and white polka dot fabric.

It’ll be on display at the Handmade With Love fair at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells on November 16. Come along if you can and say hello.

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