Space: Mind-bogglingly inspirational

Nov 25th

The recent success of the Rosetta mission and the comet exploration has got me thinking. Not too much – I tend to get a little overawed by the size of space (which, as we know, is mind-bogglingly big) and then feel sad when it occurs to me the view of the stars I see from the ground is already old news. They are so far away that it means we are essentially looking at a picture of the past.
I’m not going to try and explain it any more than that – I don’t know enough about science to do it justice.
But in any case, this space business inspired me for my latest make: a little elephant made out of space-print fabric. As you can see he’s covered in planets and stars.
But the best part happens when you switch off the lights: the stars on this elephant glow in the dark.
He’s available to buy now in my online shop.

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